Making wigs from recyclable plastic

It is well known that plastics are difficult to degrade. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection. CiCiWigs brand hopes to make some contribution to environmental protection.

According to the survey, plastic bottles account for 30% of the total waste classification in the United States. This is a very shocking data.            

CiCiWigs has found that plastic bottles can be processed to make new fibers for synthetic wigs. Perfect wigs of different lengths and thicknesses can be made from 10 to 42 plastic bottles. This makes you more unique when wearing wigs. Plastic bottle recycling process and its complexity, let's take a look.

These plastic bottles are collected, sorted and packaged. They are cleaned and cut into high quality sheets. In the delayed recycling center, bottle slices are converted into so-called frozen slices. A silo contains 27 million sheets of recycled plastic. Then the buffer chip is melted and extruded into a buffer circulating fiber, which is then made into a buffer circulating fiber on the wig.

Clean and tidy production environment ensures that every wig is tidy, not other wig factories that produce large quantities of machines in a dirty environment. Each wig is cut, dyed, combed and shaped with regenerated fibers. The series of "Green" Wigs is more environmentally friendly, healthier and transparent production process. We are committed to donating 10% of our funds to the Global Environment Facility (GEF). When you purchase the “green” wig series, when your wig is broken or you want to change a new wig, you can contact us for home recycling and give you a $5 token that can be used in the “green” wig series. We will re-refine the recycled wigs into plastic fibers as a raw material for new wigs. The first is environmentally friendly, recycling fiber materials to avoid environmental pollution, the second can save you money, and third, We can donate more funds to the environmental protection foundation. Let's make a contribution to environmental protection.